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Nov. 2015


We can’t thank Lisa enough for her efforts in getting my mother in law’s condo sold in Reading. Time was of the essence and we are so grateful for all of her patience, diligence and for going above and beyond. We were not in the local area during the sale and Lisa handled all the details for us perfectly. 

Lisa was extremely professional, diligent and knowledgeable from start to finish. We really appreciated her constant and thorough communication throughout the process. Lisa knew exactly what the condo needed to have that extra "edge”. We outsold our competition down the hall by an extra 10k and she got the place sold in one day!!! Doesn’t get any better than that. Despite some difficulties on the buyer’s end during our transaction - Lisa stayed calm and put in the extra work to guarantee the sale would happen as planned. We couldn’t be happier with the results. 

We would strongly recommend Lisa for any real estate needs and wish her the best! She is a superstar!


Sue and Tom Murphy 

Sue and Tom Murphy

Dear Lisa,

We wanted to thank your for your outstanding service in our downsizing adventure to New Hampshire.   Your dedication and ability to think "outside the box” when unexpected issues arise make you a true gem in your field.  We were so thankful for your efforts late into the night on our closing day to figure out a way to avoid a costly delay in our move.    Your patience and professionalism are truly admirable and we would enthusiastically recommend you to our friends and family.


John and Chris Friberg

John and Chris Friberg

As executor of my father’s estate, I had the responsibility of obtaining the highest possible price in the sale of his house.  When the offer I solicited on my own was not satisfactory, I listed the house with Lisa Santilli.  I had a very tight time schedule in which to sell the house before the insurance policy terminated.  Lisa showed the house to about 30 people over the first weekend, and continued showing it until the last possible day, ultimately helping bring in a selling price higher than the asking price, and tens of thousands of dollars higher than what I had been offered by my original buyer.  Lisa’s assistance was a great help to me during a difficult time.


Philip Marvel

Philip Marvel

Dear Lisa,


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us sell my mother’s townhouse in Woburn last fall.  As you know, the sudden loss of my mother was a difficult time for our family.  You made it easy for us to get the house ready for sale and brought in qualified buyers resulting in a quick sale, one that yielded a 10% premium in a tough market.  Your solid guidance and tireless effort made our experience selling real estate in Massachusetts, from our home in New Jersey, a pleasant surprise.


I would highly recommend you and Classified Realty Group to friends and family alike.   Please feel free to publish this letter on your website.


Best Regards,



Jeffrey A. Smith

Jeff Smith

We just wanted to say thanks for another great job.  This time, you helped us buy a house by representing us as a Buyer's Agent.  Can you believe we have worked together now on 3 real estate transactions?  When we bought our last house, we thought we were done.  With a growing family, we needed more space, and we are glad we turned to you for ideas and all your help representing us.  You have now sold 2 houses for us and helped us buy our current home, which we love.

What stands out to us most is how much you truly care about what you are doing. Whenever we spoke, you always acted as though our situation was the only one you cared about. Your professional approach is one that we wish other real estate agents would emulate. We can't tell you how many fake and phony "used car salesman" type real estate agents we have met; and you are a breath of fresh air.

We recommend you 100%. If people want another pushy, nose-in-the air real estate agent who is impressed with themselves, call someone else...if they want a real person who does their homework and will do what they say, then they should use Lisa Santilli.

I think we are in the last home we will ever own now, but if that ever changes, we will certainly call you to help us again.

Gregg & Laura Doble, North Reading MA
Gregg & Laura Doble

We had the pleasure of working with Lisa as both a buyer agent as well as a seller agent. As a selling agent, she compiled relevant information that made setting our price accurate and, because of this, we were able to sell our house in less than a month. Lisa’s honesty and knowledge of the market really convinced us that our house would sell, and it did!


As a buyer’s agent, Lisa took the time to understand our needs and was tireless in finding properties that met our criteria. She was then able negotiate terms that really worked for us and, as always, eliminated any doubt in our decision.


Thanks Lisa!

Andrew and Denise Schille, North Reading, MA

Andrew and Denise Schille

Lisa did an excellent job for my client regarding a difficult sale of a single family property in North Reading.  Lisa provided excellent research to give us an accurate overview of the prevailing market conditions, and she made extremely helpful suggestions regarding issues involving pre-sale maintenance and repairs that helped considerably with the eventual sale.  Her contacts within the North Reading community were also very helpful in expediting what would have been a cumbersome process of obtaining local permits that were required to finalize the sale.


            Lisa was congenial and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her, and I hope that I have the opportunity to work along with Lisa again in the future.


Patrick J. Daly, Esq.

Adams & Blinn

43 Thorndike Street

Cambridge, MA 02141


Patrick J. Daly, Esq.

Dear Lisa,


Mike and I wanted to let you know how much we truly appreciated the experience of buying our first home with you!!!  You were truly looking for our best interests.  Not only did you try to find exactly what we asked for, but also you had suggestions for local vendors and companies that we knew would be good upon your recommendation.  You have the trust and respect from everyone you work with.  We’ve been in our house for almost a year and we still love it! 


During the process, we had a chance to really talk to one another about the possibilities and not feel pressure at all.  When it came down to financing, you treated us as though we were buying a million dollar house (when it was much less than that!).  Although you probably didn’t get a lot from us in terms of commission, you surely gained the confidence, trust, and support of us – and we have told everyone that we know looking for or selling property about you!


Being first time homebuyers, we didn’t know what to expect.  We had heard all the stories about realtors, and were so happily surprised with your trustworthiness, integrity, and honesty.  We will definitely be coming back to you when we go from our ‘starter’ house to the next! 


Thanks again,


Michael and Maryanne Headd (and new baby Liam!)

Michael & Maryanne Headd

Our relationship with Lisa began innocently enough with a phone
call to her office inquiring about a listing. It was a cold Sunday in January and Lisa was the only agent in the office as we stopped in to get more details of a listing. Who would of known at that moment we'd be meeting the person that would be both selling us our dream home but in our case, selling our existing home as well.

We knew exactly what we wanted and after a short time, Lisa did too. Lisa never got discouraged or turned off when we said the yard was too small or the kitchen just wasn't right or the kids wouldn't like the neighborhood. After four months of looking at homes and countless phone calls to Lisa's home or office to discuss the housing market, we found it. The home, the neighborhood, the location, all in one.

At the time that we found our new home, our existing home had been on the market for almost three months with a realtor in our home town. We though it was best to have a home town realtor because they were familiar with the town. We had lots of traffic, a couple of offers but the deal just couldn't get done. When our contract was up with the Stoneham realtor, it was an easy decision to put our trust in Lisa.

She put her heart into the broker open house. She was confident during the first Sunday she had the listing. She proved correct as our full price offer came in a couple of days later. Lisa is not like other brokers. Sure she is bright, knowledgeable and knows the market but it's more than that. She gets to know her clients and puts them at ease with her sincerity, honesty, her attention to details and most of all her friendliness. Was it fate that brought us to Lisa? Put your trust in Lisa like we did and you decide.

John & Liz Skistimas

Dear Lisa,

This letter comes in appreciation for all the hard work and effort that you gave me and my husband in searching for a new home. We are truly grateful for your efforts. You went above and beyond the call of duty by driving around on your own personal time looking at the houses that we described as our style just so you would know what exactly to show us.

We were impressed with how honest you were with us, and also relieved that you never pushed a house on us.

Having dealt with you as a Realtor gives one the feeling that they had a close friend comforting them along a long-stressful quest.

I especially loved how you always kept in touch everyday, whether you had something or not, just to let me know you were desperately trying to find me a house. I also loved how you actually showed us only what we were looking for and where we actually wanted to look.

You stuck by us and kept a pleasant businesslike manner no matter how picky we were, and after months of searching, (and driving you crazy!), You did it though; you found our dream home.

I would highly recommend you to any person or business that is in need of Realtor services.

It was a great pleasure working with you and your company on my search for my new home!

Susan Riggio


I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did selling my home. Before meeting you, I was thinking of trying to sell it myself on one of those websites. I am in sales, and thought it would be easy enough to do. Let me tell you how glad I am that I had you there to market my house for me. Until you go through this process, you can not begin to understand the incredible amount of work, knowledge, and time it would have taken out of my job and my life, had I decided to try and sell it myself.

What stands out to me most is how much you truly care about what you are doing. Whenever we spoke, you always acted as though my home was the only one you were selling. Your professional approach is one that I wish other real estate agents would emmulate. I can't tell you how many fake and phoney "used car salesman" type real estate agents I have met; and you are a breath of fresh air.

I recommend you 100%. If people want another pushy, nose-in-the air real estate agent who is impressed with themselves, call someone else...if they want a real person who does their homework and will do what they say, then they should use Lisa Santilli.

I look forward to working with you to buy our next home and to sell my fiance's home in 2004.

Gregory Doble

Dear Lisa :

Without you we never would have found the house we had been looking for for about 3 years!! I remember when we drove by it we didn't want to even look at it. It didn't look like it was what we were looking for at all. You said you thought it was and you thought we should stop. Just from talking to us and asking us questions beforehand you got a feeling for what we would be interested in. Your experience took over. You took us right there and we "fell in love" with it. We have been so happy ever since and we have you to thank for it.




Nancy & Bill Berg

Lisa helped us purchase a two family home in Melrose in December 2010. She is very knowledgeable in all phases of real estate and was extremely diligent in helping us to find the perfect home. She spent a great deal of time and much effort researching and selecting homes for us to view. She was always very patient and not once did we feel any pressure to make a decision on the many houses we looked at. We truly appreciated her support as we went through the purchasing process and highly recommend her as a real estate agent.

Roberta & Dave Peach

Lisa provided a very professional service. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of real estate services.

Dick & Dea-Ann Burgess

We are delighted we chose Lisa Santilli as our Realtor to sell our home on 6 New St!  Lisa is absolutely the best in the business! Her experience, patience, diligence and knowledge is a huge benefit! Lisa is extremely professional and was available whenever we needed her, exceeding all expectations! We are still currently working with Lisa for additional real estate needs and honestly, do not want to work with anyone else......and refer her every chance we can! 

Sean Felix & Lindsay Barnes Felix

In late summer 2009, I was looking to purchase my first home.  My boyfriend had been through the process before, but I never had.  No property seemed quite right, and while we met some very nice folks, no Realtor made a strong enough impression for either of us to really want to keep working with them.

In September 2009 we saw a property that Lisa was showing and had a good feeling about it from the photos.  Lisa arranged for us to view the property.  Right away Lisa made us both feel comfortable and unhurried.  She left us to roam about the house so that we could discuss what we were thinking in private and was available with answers to every question we had.  Forty-five minutes after we arrived at the house, we were on our way to Lisa's office to make an offer.  We agreed then that if this house didn't work out, we wanted to work with Lisa as we continued our search.

Because Lisa was well-organized and very patient, we closed on the house by the end of October.  The process went very smoothly and knowing it was my first buying experience, she made herself available to me - and I took full advantage of that! 

After we moved in Lisa checked on us and stopped by to make sure we were comfortable.  She even prepared a wonderful "Welcome to North Reading" gift for us as a way to introduce us to our new home town.  Since that time we have remained in touch - the house was special to Lisa as it had been her family home - and we love letting her know how happy we still are here. 

Lisa made what many told me would be a nightmare of experience into something easy and positive.  She helped to bring us home and we can't thank her enough.
De Bellofatto

I chose Lisa Santilli as my realtor in spring 2010 when I sold my older home in North Reading Massachusetts. Aside from her excellent experience, qualifications, and the extensive market analysis she did for my home, Lisa’s friendly personality and sincerity lead to to me choosing her. It was a complicated sale in that I moved out of state a week before the listing publicized. The house was essentially empty, but Lisa arranged to have it staged so that it had a warm feeling while still showing off its size and features. There were a few cosmetic issues Lisa felt would be worth the effort to have addressed and she arranged for them to be taken care of in no time at all. The online listing looked great, and the response to it and the initial showing proved it. The house was under agreement quickly. Later that spring there was tremendous flooding in North Reading in spring 2010, and Lisa made many trips to the house to be sure the basement was not getting flooded, even though the house was equipped with a remote-alert basement water detector. I got an email letting me know each time she did - Lisa just had to be sure the house was safe, and wanted me to be at ease as well. She personally facilitated many visits by multiple parties including the buyer, fire inspector, radon mitigation and septic systems installers. For any challenge that old house sent our way, Lisa found a quick solution, or had excellent recommendations for one. All through the process Lisa was fabulous at keeping me informed from afar at how the sale was proceeding with phone calls and emails from her blackberry, home or office. I do not think anyone could have gone any further or worked any harder to get the house sold. Lisa Santilli went above and beyond, and has my deepest gratitude and highest admiration for it.


Best regards and best of luck - you deserve it!


Karen Kohn Ellison